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Sharp Objects: a review

I recently finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and, as I always seem to do, I quickly researched her entire catalog of books and commenced the mission of getting my hands on them. In my search I found out that not just one, but TWO of Flynn’s books are being adapted to film this year. Gone Girl is due to release on October 3rd and Dark Objects is due out September 1st. I, for one, will get out to see these two films. She is also going to be on the team of an upcoming HBO series called Utopia.

Also, just let me say, Flynn does not match the image I had of her. I came across a picture of her at a book signing or something that is on Wikipedia and she is in a brightly colored floral sundress. How charming and strangely intriguing.

Now, on with the book. Sharp Objects, Flynn’s first novel, is darker than Gone Girl. It’s a bit like crawling into someone’s masochistic mind and trying it on for a while. I read this book and found myself relating to the main character, Camille, and then rebuking the thought because I didn’t want that kind of damage. I had a hard time with my mom growing up but nothing to this extent. Each and every character in this novel has some serious psychological baggage that follows them and effects their entire lives. The story is about a serial killer targeting little girls in a small Missouri town and a reporter who grew up in the town returning to cover the story.

The entire story is so sad and yet so very beautiful. Especially the end. Even the epilogue is tragic. I found the ending not satisfying at all, though I still didn’t feel let down. I would certainly recommend this book, though I would say the reader can’t be easily offended.


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