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As is evident by the number of posts I have available here at Bookality, I am considerably new at blogging. One thing I am working on is expanding my audience and reader participation. I ran across a site called Story Cartel that compiled a list of the top 10  book blogs of 2013. Not surprisingly, I aspire to reach this kind of status some day in the future.

I am a writer, it is just something that is in my bones. Sharing my words with the world is my ultimate dream and, thanks to the growing popularity of blogging in the media, it is possible. I am also working on a novel that is several years in the making. As an aspiring blogger and writer I would like to also direct your attention to a page on the blog 101 Books that is dedicated to others out there in the blogosphere that want to get their voices out there. The owner of the blog has generously invited other bloggers to promote their pages on his site, and I would like to share this site with you so you can head over and check out the other amazing blogs that have been posted!


2 thoughts on “Book Blog

  1. I can understand how overwhelming being a new blogger is, I just started blogging at the end of April and I know what you are going through with attempting to expand your audience and reader participation. I like your style of blogging so I followed you on Twitter and I look forward to reading your reviews 🙂

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