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Dark Places, Such Very Dark Places

I just wrapped up the final book on my Gillian Flynn reading list, there were only three on them since that is all she has so far, and I am in awe of her. The level at which she can write her characters is so deep that you can’t help but plunge yourself deep into those dark places of yourself right along with them. After reading a section of any one of her books you have to come up for air to keep from going too deep.

Dark Places is the book I just finished. Libby Day is the last surviving member of the Day family, with the exception of her brother and father who are neither functioning members of society. Patty Day, her mother, and Michelle and Debby Day, her two sisters, were all murdered in one single night and her brother, Ben Day, is serving a life time sentence in prison for the crime. Libby was only seven years old when this happened and she is scarred that are so deep and twisted that she can’t hardly function half the time herself. The twenty-fifth anniversary of the murders is approaching and Libby, for the first time since she was seven, is beginning to think the wrong person might be behind bars.

“I can feel a better version of me somewhere in there-hidden behind a liver or attached to a spleen within my stunted, childish body – a Libby that’s telling me to get up, do something, grow up, move on. But the meanness usually wins out.” This line from Dark Places is the best description of Libby anyone could write. The story jumps from he point of view, to Ben’s, and to Patty’s and each carries their own sadness and twisted world view. One could get lost in these character’s minds. Oh, and it has a twist at the end, I love a good plot twist.

As far as whether or not this is a good book, I would say that it is an AMAZING book. The sick and twisted story is one that almost anyone could enjoy. I will warn that there is some disturbing scenes that play out from different points of view that were hard for me to read, the murder of a child is something that is disturbing at a very primal level, especially for a Mother. If I were to give this book a rating I would rate it R at the least due to the violence. With that being said, go out and pick up any Gillian Flynn book and devour it before the movies come out. I look forward to the next book she puts out.


3 thoughts on “Dark Places, Such Very Dark Places

    • The books are all stand alone novels, they aren’t series, but they are all amazing! Sharp Objects, Dark Places, and Gone Girl are her three books. I’ve reviewed her other two also! All if her books are definitely worthy the read!

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