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Get Caught Reading


Drew Carey caught reading. Picture from getcaughtreading.org.

For those who do not know already, May is National Get Caught Reading Month. This reading awareness campaign originated in 1999 and is sponsored by the Association of American Publishers. While the main target audience is the youth of America, it is equally important for adults to embrace and participate in this event as well. When young ones see their parents, older siblings, authority figures, and celebrity role models reading they will know that it isn’t just for nerds and over achievers. Kids need to be introduced to reading at a young age and encouraged to continue reading as they get older. 

Over the years many people have been caught reading from 50 Cent and Miley Cyrus to Keira Knightly and Channing Tatum. So, pick up a book and head out into the world so you can get caught reading! 


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