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Bookish Battle Royal Challenge

I am completing the Bookish Battle Royal Challenge for Bout of Books. This challenge is being hosted by My Life In Books. Here are my contenders


1. Amy Dunne

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Strengths: Ruthless, patient, driven, goal oriented, smart,

Weaknesses: Indecisive, brash, too confident

2. Cersei Lannister

Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

Strengths: Cunning, rich, powerful, smart, ruthless

Weaknesses: Emotional, temper, too self assured, sharp tongue

3. Jeanine Matthews

Divergent by Veronica Roth

Strengths: Highly intelligent, powerful, resourceful, ruthless

Weaknesses: can’t except failure, mildly insane, trust technology a little too much

Who wins?


In the epic battle of these evil b****es of awesomeness we see a almost equal match of intelligence, wit, ruthlessness, ambition, and cunning. Except with one exception, Jeanine Matthews is more intelligent than Amy Dunne and Cersei Lannister put together. Though Amy is vengeful and knows no bounds when it comes to defeating her enemies, she doesn’t seem to have to have the ability to think on her feet well. Though she can make snap decisions and then carry them through, it doesn’t seem like those decisions are in her best interests.  If she didn’t have time to plan her course of action thoroughly, she would fall flat on her face eventually. After all, her saving grace at the end of Gone Girl was put into place a year or more before her initial plans were put into place. Without that time to think ahead she would not have any kind of collateral. She is wiped out by the swift sword of Jamie Lannister on Cersei’s behalf.

Next up we have Cersei and she has the full force of the King’s guard as well as a family that has no qualms with crushing any opposition, including, but not limited to, murdering children, animals, and anything else that breaths and doesn’t work in their favor. Though Cersei is indeed intelligent, she is still not scary, genius intelligent. Because of this, Jeanine Matthews would not deem her fit for her ideal society, and since Cersei clearly doesn’t like to share her power and leadership roles she would need to be terminated immediately in order for Ms. Matthews to purify society. As soon as Cersei’s swordsmen advance on Jeanine’s army, a mist is released into the air holding a serum which holds implants that will penetrate the minds of the swordsmen and allow Jeanine to control them. Her men are already vaccinated against this serum or they are under its effects already. Once the implants take hold and are activated she now has control of her men as well as armed King’s guard of Westeros and she proceeds to either kill Cersei or have her implanted as well…or maybe she will be put into a cell for later experiments. Either way, Jeanine Matthews wins, because without the divergent she can’t be stopped.


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