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Book Pairings

This post is to complete a challenge for Bout of Books. This particular challenge is to pair something with a book you are reading or have read and explain why they go together. This challenge is being hosted by My Overstuffed Shelves.

My pairing is for the book I am currently reading, Gameboard of the Gods by Richelle Mead. There is a lot of religion and connections, I’m sure that the entire ending of the book revolves around this subject but I don’t know because I am in the middle of the book and I don’t like to look up what a book is about too much before reading it.

What I would pair with this book, and bare with me here, is the movie The Boondock Saints. Now I realize that the only real reason that these two things pair together for me is because they are both so deeply about religion, though in completely different ways. Hey, it makes since to me.



3 thoughts on “Book Pairings

  1. This is a really cool idea. I think it makes perfect sense, like showing two ends of a spectrum on interpretation. Fantastic!

    I’m reading Silence of the Lambs. Now the obvious thing would be to pair it with the show, Hannibal, which is what got me back into the books anyway. However, I’m going to think outside the box and pair it with trying a new food. Hannibal brings with him strong influences in culinary arts. So, for example, I’d never eaten elk or buffalo before last week, and they were really good.

    • Oh man, I’ve never read the books, only seen the movie. Silence of the Lambs and eating are a good match, especially considering he likes to eat human body parts and the brains in particular. Oooo I bet that book is dark.

      • I’ve always loved Silence of the Lambs the movie, but I’ve really gotten into the show and finally decided to read the books, which I’ve been meaning to do for ages. They are so good. It’s definitely a little dark, but in a good way.

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