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New Release Tuesday: Dangerous Creatures

As most of the reader community knows, Tuesday is the release date for new books. Every week when this day comes around, all kinds of book lovers (and music and movie lovers) flock to stores to pick up their new copies of the books whose cover art they have been salivating over online for months.

In honor of this amazing day, here at Bookality I am going to dedicate Tuesdays to New Release Tuesdays. This mean that each Tuesday I am going to spotlight one or more book(s) that I am looking forward to that is being released that day.

This weeks pick is Dangerous Creatures by Margaret Stohl, which is the first in her new series Dangerous Creatures which takes place in the world of Beautiful Creatures. I deeply enjoyed the Beautiful Creatures series as I life in the south and I always enjoy a book set in that area of the country. The Beautiful Creature books were imaginative and heart warming, full of action and lots of twist, turns, adventure, magic, love, and heart ache. I am looking forward to reading Stohl’s new series as soon as I can get my hands on it. Head out and pick up a copy for yourself or a fellow reader today!


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