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Expanding Blogging Horizons

Designed by Amber of Shelf Notes

Designed by Amber of Shelf Notes


I am relatively new to the book blogging community, but already I have discovered that it is much more than I could have imagined. There are people to connect with, events to participate in, and ways to connect with authors and publisher I would never have thought possible.

I am participating in Armchair BEA this week and there are blog topics and themes for each day of the week of this event. Today’s topic is Expanding Blogging Horizons.

So, how am I planning to expand my blogging horizons? One way is that I have played with the idea of writing my very own novel. I have the idea in my head, the basic outline of what I want in the store, and I just need to be brave enough to sit down and start writing. It is a scary prospect though and I have been putting it off.

The second way I am thinking of expanding my blogging horizons is by opening a bookstore in my town. Specifically a YA bookstore/cafe. I want a comfortable lounge in which the youth of my community can come, get some good coffee/tea, grab a good book, and plop down on a comfy sofa to read it in an environment that celebrates the written word.

These are just two ways that I plan to expand my blogging horizons. What are yours?


7 thoughts on “Expanding Blogging Horizons

  1. I have begun writing more as a result of reading and blogging, too, and I have published a short story in a collection that I hope will lay the groundwork for a novel to follow.

    I love the idea of the YA Booklounge, and would love to see something like that happen in my area. We have a Barnes and Noble, but it is not really accessible to everyone and I feel that it can be intimidating for young people. I would love to have a book cafe open up in my area (maybe I can make it happen). Someplace people can just relax and read and enjoy the atmosphere and maybe a snack or a cup of coffee,

    Lisa @Just Another Rabid Reader

  2. thats great! hi i’m a newbie it would mean alot if you checked out my blog 🙂 i follow back! thank you so much! ps nice blog

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