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Throwback Thursday

20140529-161802-58682373.jpgToday is TBT here at Bookality but I am participating in Armchair BEA this week and their Beyond the Borders challenge today was my post for the day so I didn’t think I needed to add another. However, they also had a Instagram challenge for TBT that is for a book you read as a child or a pic of your child self reading a book. I am fortunate to have the first book I ever read in my possession so I took a picture of that.

The very first book I ever read was “I Don’t Want to Go To School” by Elizabeth Bram. I didn’t really “read” it, I just forced my big sister to read it to me over and over again until I could eventually pretend to read it but actually just remember every single word.

It is so important for children to grow up with a healthy apatite for reading and it is up to parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, librarians, teachers, and just about any other person with the ability to impact a child to get them on that path. Help a child read, read to them, teach them, it doesn’t matter how…I read to my 4 year old every single night.



3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. I completely agree. Now Barnes & Noble (most magical place in the world) has a huge section for toys, and students have iPads instead of books in schools. Although this makes me sad, I’m overjoyed to see there are still some of us who advocate for nighttime reading. Bravo!

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