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Anticipated Books in June

Every month there are books released and every month thousands, if not millions, of readers increase their to-be-read list. There are some books that I am personally looking forward to for the month of June in particular.

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1. Pretty Little Liars #15: Toxic by Sara Shepard – I know that a lot of people think this series is being dragged out, but I love reading it. It is a guilty pleasure and I am not ashamed!

2.The Immortal Crown: An Age of X Novel by Richelle Mead – I know that I’ve already read this book, and you can read my review here. It is still a good book and one that I am excited to see released to the public.

3.  Hexed by Michelle Krys – This is a stand alone series in a world over run by series and trilogies. This promises to be a fun, light read.

4. Rogues by George R. R. Martin and Gardener Dozois – A compilation that includes works from George R. R. Martin and Gillian Flynn, two of my favorite authors, speaks for itself.


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