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books-on-film2Today’s meme is brought to you by Bring My Books. It is a meme for the first Monday of every month and the participants write a post according to a prompt given by the owner. This month’s prompt is your favorite character portrayal on film.

First, let me just warn you that this weeks posts seem to have a theme of Harry Potter, and it is not on purpose. Sometimes Harry Potter just happens, ya know?

That being said, my favorite character portrayal on film of all time would have to be Hagrid. The first time I watched this movie, which was the first showing in my local theater, (Yay waiting in line for 3 hours!) I was amazed by Hagrid on film. The man playing him as well as the other magical people involved in producing the film and his character I thought, “That is exactly how I imagined him!” And let me say, that hasn’t happened often. One word, TWILIGHT. Know what I’m saying?

But Hagrid is so huge! And such a gentle giant, and oh his hair! The clumsy way he does everything and the slightly childish and complete honesty that is Hagrid comes through so well. Whoever cast Robbie Coltrane made a wise choice.

What was your favorite character portrayal on film? Tell me all about it! giphy



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