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New Release Tuesday: Toxic

new release tuesdaysIt’s that time again folks! The best day of the week for book lovers because those ever expanding wishlists and TBR piles get new additions and we can finally get our fingers on those hard copies (and digital ones too). This week in new released titles, I am looking most forward to Toxic by Sarah Shepard. I know that most people think that this series is just being dragged out way too long, but come on…sometimes its fun to get to stay in the world of a series until it is drained to the last drop. This is the case for me and the Pretty Little Liars series. This will make book #15 for this series, the most I’ve ever had come out in a series I keep up with. I watch the show on ABC Family and love every single minute of it and wish there were more. It’s returning for a new season on June 10th!


So, call it a guilty pleasure if you will. I will be reading this one. Click the picture to see the book on Amazon.



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