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Review: The Curse Keepers

cover36242-mediumI just finished reading The Curse Keepers by Denise Grover Swank and I must say, I have mixed feelings. The book didn’t have a very good flow to it, and I found myself skimming instead of delving because I wanted to get through it. I don’t believe in reviewing a book that I have not read all the way through.

First, let me point out some good things about this book. There is a rather hot “bad guy” type character that is pretty irresistible. The romantic relationship between said “bad guy” and the lead character is pretty steamy and fun to read. Ellie, the lead character, is not a dumb blonde bimbo that is blinding by her co-star’s beauty. She has a brain of her own and uses it regularly. The whole idea of a curse based on the lost Roanoke Colony is pretty unique. The ending was pretty heart wrenching and lends itself to an interesting sequel.

On the other hand, I had some serious issues with The Curse Keepers. The dialogue in this book seems like it is trying extremely hard to be natural. Banter between Ellie and Collin, dreamy bad guy, fills the majority of this novel and it is just not easy too forced. Another issue I have is that Ellie says the term “f- you” a LOT and I don’t really like that. There is a certain allotment I have for books when it comes to cursing, but too much takes away from the plot, just like it does for a movie, and it passed that mark into annoying.

Other readers may really enjoy this book, it is on the historical fiction side and that alone will float the boats of many readers, but I did not care for it. I will not be picking up the sequel, The Curse Breakers. It came out on April 29th of this year. I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review and I think that is what I’ve given. I don’t want to be too critical or harsh, but nobody is going to like every book they read.




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