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Witchy Wednesday

Witches make good characters in books. I especially love to read a good YA book about a witch coming into their power and not having to learn what it is and how to control it. Makes for a great story.

In celebration of the Summer Solstice coming up on Saturday (6/21) lets take a look at some books and series that places us into the lives of wonderful witchy character!


6a00d8345169e469e200e54f2124898834-800wi1. Sweep is a YA series written by Cate Tiernan that is a coming of age story about a girl named Morgan Rowland who discovers she is a witch and falls in love with the wrong guy, Cal. I read the series right after I graduated high school and this is what the cover looked like when I read it. I just saw it in a store the other day and now the books are in volumes which is good because the individual books are rather thin and short. The books are super awesome, but they are fun and easy reading. Lots of teenage crisis as well as magical ones that have to be solved to save the world, or the word of the Morgan at least. I recommend picking this up for lounging around and vegging out, one could easily read the entire series in a  week or less. There are 15 books total (or 5 volumes) and each book is only 176 pages. This series has also been called Wicca instead of Sweep, which is confusing because the word Wicca isn’t anywhere on the book.

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2. A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness is the first book in the All Souls Trilogy. It is about an alchemical historian, Diana Bishop, who just so happens to also be a witch who has chosen to live her life free of magic because of the untimely death of her parents. She comes across a book one day while working and it just so happens to be an extremely important book in the magical world, like fountain of youth important. A vampire who wants this book takes interest in her and a budding romance results from their professional contact. As to be expected, she ends up being the target of danger and is forced to run for her life.

I wasn’t super impressed by this book, which was a disappointment because I had been really wanting to read it for a while. However, a lot of people love it. I didn’t think the characters were very lively, they were kind of boring. I do plan to read the sequel, Shadow of Night, because Diana starts using her magic toward the end of this book and that might make her more interesting.

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63043353. The Caster Chronicles by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl is a story about a witch and the boy she falls in love with. This YA series is includes the relationship between Lena Duchannes and Ethan Wate is heart wrenching and endearing as well as a decision Lena has to make for her life; evil of good. There are so many obstacles in the way of their love, mainly magical ones, that it is nearly impossible and they have to fight tirelessly to be together. Magic fills this series and the characters are great. I love Ridley, Lena’s almost evil cousin, and her lolly pop magic and the not so musically inclined Link. You have to read it to understand, and I recommend that you do. I am also a sucker for a book based in the south, and this is one of them.

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4. The Hidden series by M. Lathan is a little known YA book series (well I assume it’s little known because I’ve not seen anyone else talk about it) that is completely free for both Kindle and Nook. I rather enjoyed reading the series about a girl, Leah, who lives in post apocalyptic America that is the result of a war between magical beings and the government in which the government won. She is an outcast in her boarding school and an orphan. With no friends, and what she assumes are freakish evil powers, she tries her hardest to melt into the walls and become invisible. She gets rescued by a lovely women just before making a life altering mistake. This woman, who turns out to be a powerful witch who keeps sort of a halfway house for magical teenagers,  takes in poor Leah and helps teach her that she is not evil and not to hate herself. Leah makes the first friends she has ever had and falls in love, but it can’t be that easy. She soon finds out that there is more to the layer of lies and secrets surrounding her existence and she has to get a crash course in her own personal history in order to save her own life. There are three books so far in this series. HiddenLost, and Shattered with the first being free and the other only .99 on both Kindle and Nook. For such a good price, these books are worth it.

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I think I will stop there. I know there are many more and perhaps I will do another Witchy Wednesday in the future. For now I hope I have Helped you find a new book to enjoy. Happy reading!


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