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Throwback Thursday: Game of Thrones

81yqwJc-HwL._SL1500_Who doesn’t like Game of Thrones? Right? Well, maybe people who haven’t read the books or watched the show. Cause, if you have you can’t help but love the entire series and all of its amazing characters. Let me share my love for this book and its series with you. Lets focus on the book.

Game of Thrones is the first book in the series written by George R. R. Martin titled The Song of Fire and Ice. The series is filled with love, hatred, betrayal, dragons, gods, white walkers, battle, and lots and lots of amazing characters.

Basically, the king has passed and there are many people who feel they are entitled to take the throne in his stead. The story follows each contender as they journey toward the great city of Westeros to claim the iron throne. While this is happening there is a great and very real danger headed south from the unsettled north and the threat is to the entire kingdom. We get to see characters change as the world around them changes. Some are forced to resort to murder and thievery, others are held as prisoners and abused, some still try to hold on to their honor and valor but it seems like a futile effort in the wake of all the fighting and destruction. It seems as if the gods themselves are at war.

The entire series is a race to win the throne. Some die, some find new journeys, some are young, some are old. There is the question of who will win the game of thrones. I have my theories. What are yours?



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