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Review: Cinder


Ya’ll, this is the epic book I have been waiting for. You have to go through some bad ones to get to a good one right? And man have I been going through a bad streak lately. Well, with the exception of The Witches of East End, that one was a rather fun read. But this, this book is epic.

So, Cinder by Marissa Meyer is an adaptation of Cinderella. Except that Cinderella is a cyborg in the future who was damaged in a hover craft accident (at least that’s what she has been told) and has no memory of her childhood. Oh, and there is the wide and ever rapidly spreading of the plague to deal with also. I described this book to a friend of mine exactly like this and now he is planning to pick it up, because of cyborgs. Who doesn’t like a good cyborg story?

The main character, Cinder, is just the right amount of determination and insecurity with a hint of rebellion. Her horrible step sister and step mother are as to be expected, horrible. The little bit of flirting that goes on between her and Kai is just enough to get you hoping that there will be more, and since this is a series there will be. There is right? More flirting? Because I like Kai, he seems like a good guy. Oh, and the whole future twist, with the moon queen and the cyborgs and the androids, it is interesting and pulled me in. I am impressed with Meyer’s ability to write such a story and not be corny or overly specific, it isn’t too Star Trekish (sorry I am not a fan of Star Trek, but kudos if you are).

Needless to say I would certainly recommend this book to a friend. I went out and picked up the sequel, Scarlet, when I had about 100 pages left in Cinder. I am now primed to begin the next book after I finish the other book I’m reading.




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