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7 Annoying Habits of a Book Nerd

Us book nerds tend to live in a world of our own (or one created by an author), and though we all have the same sense of sadness that so many people out there don’t read more often, we tend to set ourselves apart from them. I am a book nerd so it was hard to step outside and look in so I asked some friends what they thought were some of the more annoying habits of readers. Here are some of the most common annoying habits of  people who read:

photo credit: BrittneyBush via photopin cc

photo credit: BrittneyBush via photopin cc

1. Ignoring others. We all do it, don’t even try to deny it. When you’re reading a good book (especially when its getting close to the end) and you just. can’t. put. it. down. Your house can catch on fire and you’re still not going to notice because that nose is stuck in your book. I am sometimes surprised at how much time has flown by when I come back to reality.



excited gif

2. Raving about books nobody else has read it. This is especially true with book bloggers and our ARCs. I’m sure that it is massively frustrating when a book blogger gets a great ARC and then gushes about it to others who can’t read it until it is released to the public. Frustration!


shut up3. When other people talk about a television show or movie based on a book, the readers of the group tend to take over the conversation by talking about the book instead. I do this, I know I do. Especially with Game of Thrones. It’s especially bad when only one person hasn’t read the books. I feel bad, really, not really. Ok, yes I do.



4. Comparing the movie to the book it’s based on, while watching the movie. Oh, I am so guilty! I can’t help it. Even if I am in the movie theater I can’t help but whisper to my husband, “That didn’t happen in the book, and she should have red hair!” I do try to keep it to a low whisper as to not disturb those around me though.


photo credit: gruntzooki via photopin cc

photo credit: gruntzooki via photopin cc

5. Dog-earing library books. I don’t do this. I can’t stand this. A book I just finished had the first page to every chapter dog eared and it was sad and annoying.


judging you

6 Judging others by what they read. I read YA and I’m not ashamed! I hate when others are book snobs and act like what they read makes them smarter than me and what I read makes me less smart. Oh, they are books, a form of entertainment. While they are meant to educate, they are also meant to make us happy! No need to be a Judgy McJudgerson!



7. Reading the end of a book before starting it or looking up the sequel to see what happens while in the middle of the first. I admit that I have skipped ahead to the end once or twice. Especially with the Harry Potter series, I’m not sure why just that series. But I have never looked up a sequel to see what happens while reading the first book.


Be curtious of other readers and non readers alike. We all have habits that annoy the people around us and that is just part of being human. And don’t be upset, I will do a follow up soon of the habits of non readers.


3 thoughts on “7 Annoying Habits of a Book Nerd

  1. I’m totally guilty of a bunch of these – but I’m a movie talker anyway, so seeing a movie based on a book has to be absolutely miserable with me. 🙂 (Sorry not sorry? 🙂 ) (I go to the movies by myself a lot … I can’t imagine why.)

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