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Ebook vs Book: Which is Better?

I have had a Kindle for the past 2 years and I have become somewhat addictively attached to the thing. A lot of late nights are spent reading my Kindle because I have a hard time falling asleep. Mostly this is because I lay in the dark reading while my husband sleeps in the bed beside me and I don’t have to have my lamp on to see and keep him awake. Also, I don’t have much storage space for books, years of moving a little too much made keeping books a undesirable side effect of being a book nerd. However, I do love to hold a book in my hand and sip my coffee while reading. There is just something so completely zen about holding that book rather than a piece of technology. As you can see, I am torn between the two. Lets take a look at the pros and cons of ebooks and books.

photo credit: Jonas Tana via photopin cc photo credit: Irish Typepad via photopin cc photo credit: anitakhart via photopin cc photo credit: CarbonNYC via photopin cc

photo credit: Jonas Tana via photopin cc photo credit: Irish Typepad via photopin cc photo credit: anitakhart via photopin cc photo credit: CarbonNYC via photopin cc


  • Most 3-readers and tables or phones with e-book reading capabilities are back-lit, therefore they can be read in the dark.
  • The ability to have hundreds of books at my finger tips to choose from is very handy.
  • Being able to get any book I want practically any time I feel I want it is amazingly convenient. Especially having the added convenience of being able to start a new book as soon as you finish one.
  • With an e-book reader the books available to you are literally never ending. There is constantly new books being put out by indie publishing companies and self publishing authors that will probably never make it to your local library or book store.
  • It is a lot harder to loose your place.
  • Bringing your library with you to the doctor’s office, on vacation, or to the mechanic’s waiting room is much less cumbersome.
  • You can make almost any book into an audio book. Granted the voice is a bit monotone and emotionless, but it sure is handy.
  • With eyes that are not so perfect, the ability to magnify any book to a comfortable size is amazing.
  • With gas prices sky rocketing, I like not having to drive anywhere to get my books.



  • E-books are considerably more fragile than regular books. Sure, water will ruin both, but dropping an e-book reader could render it useless.
  • The cost of e-book readers are much higher than books. Given the price of the average book is about $9 – $25 you have to decide if you want to make one big purchase or several small ones. Just keep in mind that, being a reader, you will always want another book. And library books are free, unless you get a late fee.
  • Depending on what device used to read an e-book, being outside in the sun can keep you from reading because your screen is impossible to see.
  • You will always be holding the same device in your hand until you upgrade to another, there is no pretty cover art. Not unless you flip to the beginning of the book.
  • As with computers and smart phones, e-readers are constantly upgrading. You can not feasibly keep the same e-reader for ever, it will eventually stop functioning properly and another one will have to be purchased.
  • There a hundreds, if not thousands, of free e-books online, even through Amazon. I’m not sure when I last s
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photo credit: aphotoshooter via photopin ccphoto credit: Marwa Morgan via photopin ccphoto credit: Ozyman via photopin ccphoto credit: Chris JL via photopin cc



  • The smell, everyone loves the smell of books. At least that is what everyone says. I can attest to the amazing smell of the pages of a book, especially an older one (kept out of cigarette smoke).
  • Cover art is a special part of a book that an e-reader will never be able to provide in its full beauty. Staring at the cover of a book instead of an icon on a screen is certainly better.
  • Books are a little more easy to come by at your local library compared to an ebook from the library’s online catalog. And, the actual physical library is likely to have a much larger selection.
  • There is something special about holding a book in your hand, especially while curled up with a cup of coffee or glass of good wine.
  • It is much easier to lend a book to someone rather than an e-book.


  • The type face in a book is typically pretty small, unless it is a large print book. It strains my eyes to read most of them even with my reading glasses.
  • Pages can get ripped easily, and food is not good to have around them. One stray drip of chocolate can ruin a page.
  • When pages are dog-eared there is no fixing it, they are that way forever.
  • Larger books can get heavy, especially when you are toting more than one. Carrying a Harry Potter book to the doctor’s office with you is going to be inconvenient.
  • It is super easy to loose your page, especially with kids around if you walk away from a book for a moment and just leave it open, face down.
  • Unless you like to reread all your books, once you purchase a book it is then yet another thing to store in your home. I don’t have much storage at my house so this is a problem for me.
  • Books sometimes hold on to smells, especially cigarette smoke. Ew…


I know I have probably missed some pros and some cons for both sides, but as you can see they are pretty close to even. Well, except that I prefer e-books to books simply for the convenience. I make no apologies, just my preference. I do have books, but not many. I don’t have the money to go buy all the books I want, so most of the physical books I read come from my local library.

What do you think my lovely readers? E-book or book? Let me know!





2 thoughts on “Ebook vs Book: Which is Better?

  1. I prefer e-books, mainly because I can carry my tablet or phone everywhere which is much needed for me because I travel a little more than an hour to school. Other reason is that because I live in Hungary I have to wait at least two weeks for a book to arrive after I ordered it. Plus I am enrolled into one of the biggest libraries but there are far less books to choose from because not so many books get translated to Hungarian and there aren’t a big amount of foreign books there. Unfortunately even if the books are translated these days they try to do it really fast with books that newly came out abroad, the translation is kind of sucky… I am so mad when they ruin a great book with it.
    Anyway nothing can be compared to the feel of a real book and even if I try to buy as many as I can I have other problems like money because e-books are cheaper and I don’t have to wait for them. My biggest problem comes from how much I want to have the books I loved, because I already payed for their e-book version and read them even if I loved them I need to think through if I really need them. I usually keep thinking about it until another great book catches my attention and I buy that instead in e-book. And then it starts again. Haha.
    Sorry for writing this much, I was thinking about doing a similar post to yours, I’d like to write down my pros and cons as you did. 🙂
    Great post! 🙂

  2. That’s cool! I like long comments! Good conversation. I know what you mean about taking e-books wherever you go. I have classes during the day for Fall and Spring semesters while my husband is at work and my son is at school so I don’t have anyone to eat lunch with or talk to between classes. I love being able to bring my Kindle and read it where ever I happen to be. Plus it is easier to handle an e-reader while eating. Also, I don’t really have room to hold all the books I want to read.

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