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5 Things Non-Readers Don’t Get

I’ve already covered annoying things book nerds tend to do, now I’m turning the tables. Here are 5 things that non-readers will just never understand.


1. The need to keep reading, especially when the book is getting good.



Yes the whole book is good. No, I can’t stop reading. Sorry, not sorry.


2. Movies will never be better than the book.


It just isn’t humanly possible. It’s just not.


3. Yes, I need all of these bookshelves.


It’s either that or piles of books. Or both. You’ve seen Hoarders right?


4. I will always need another book.


Books are like toilet paper for readers. I can survive without it, but it won’t be pretty.


5. I cannot pay attention to a person talking and a book at the same time.


Huh? Did you say something? I’m reading, the choices are to be ignored or get the stink eye, I mean…it’s up to you.


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