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5 Friday Favorites: Summer Reads

five friday favorites


Today I am beginning my participation in the meme create by Book Badger called 5 Friday Favorites. Basically, she has posted a topic for every Friday and the participants create their top 5 list of the topic provided. Simple right? And fun! This week’s topic is favorite summer reads. Here is my list:


dark paradise1. Dark Paradise

This is for sure my favorite book I’ve read so far this summer. I say that because this is the first book published by Angie Sandro and I love the book and her. She is such a nice person.


cinder2. Cinder, Scarlet, Cress

I LOVED this book, and the series. I listed all three books together because it wouldn’t be fair to the other books to list them otherwise.



witchesofeastend3. Witches of East End

This is by far the funnest book I’ve read all summer. It broke a pretty dry spell for me.



sharp objects4. Sharp Objects

OK, so technically it wasn’t summer yet when I finished this one, but it takes place in the South during the Summer so it seemed fitting. The people in the book feel my pain.



alias hook5. Alias Hook

This book was a fun book to read, I love re-vamped fairy tales.





What are your favorite reads this summer?


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