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Review: Hexed

hexedHexed by Michelle Krys just released in June of this year. It is the first book to be released in the new YA series titled The Witch Hunter. The book is about a teenage girl who is beginning to realize that the things she has surrounded herself with in life are superficial and she has started to crave something more substantial. Oh, and she might also be a witch and there is a flirty buy who is bad boy cute and extremely annoying. Also, there is an entire group of sorcerers who want to kill her over a book.

When I first started reading Hexed I wasn’t completely sure I liked it. Indie, the main character, seemed too main stream popular for my taste and I thought that maybe the book would work from a cool girl having powers and being more popular. As I continued to read though, I saw that Indie was beginning to find her own voice and learning to separate herself from the in-crowd, and I really liked that story line. The more I read this book the more hooked I became. When her life is placed in the line of danger and she finds out she might be a witch, the new leather jacket clad Bishop comes into her life in a big way. The chemistry between them is undeniably cute because they are so opposite. I love the way they hate on/flirt with each other.

Action is not missing either, Indie and Bishop are constantly battling for their lives against the sorcerers and Indie looses someone close to her heart. The danger is constant and relentless. It had me on the edge of my seat waiting for another attach on each page.

I would rate Hexed a 4 out of 5 stars and would definitely recommend the book to a YA reader. The sequel, Crushed, is scheduled for release on March 26, 2015 and the cover reveal was just released on July 10th! Check  it out over at YA Books Central.



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