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Judging a Book by its Cover

We’ve all done it, strolled the rows of books at the store or library and passed up books because they were ugly. I know I do it sometimes. If I don’t know what a book is about, and it has an ugly cover, I’m not going to pick it up. I know it’s bad and I should not be that way, but I think it is part of human nature to want visual appealing things. Otherwise, graphic design would be useless. But, the saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Let us take a look at some awesome books that started off with bad covers. Enjoy!

1. Game of Thrones:

The first is the original US cover, the second the original UK cover, the third is just one of the more current covers.




2. The Awakening (Vampire Diaries Book 1)

The first is the original cover from 1991, which I guess isn’t really bad, just very 80’s. The second is the updated cover and the third is one of the tv cover.

vampire diaries originalvampire diariaesvampirediaries-book1


3. The Hunger Games:

The first is the original UK cover and the second is the original US cover.



4. Carrie:

Ok, so this isn’t the original, but it is pretty bad. It looks like there is broccoli growing out of this woman’s head. The first picture is the original cover, the second is one published in another country (couldn’t pinpoint which) and it is the cover in question. The third is the current cover, which is the movie tie-in cover.

carrie1carrie  carrie2


5. The Wizard of Oz:

The first cover is one published by Campfire in 1990 and it is pretty awful. I’m not sure who published the second cover, but I didn’t know that The Wizard of Oz took place on Mars…with jet planes. And the third is just one of the current covers.

wizarddorothy 21470924


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