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5 Friday Favorites: Secondary Characters

five friday favorites

Five Friday Favorites is a weekly meme that I participate in that originated over at the Book Badger. Every week there is a subject to which participating bloggers post their top five list in regards to. This week’s topic is favorite secondary characters. Here are mine in no certain order. 

1. Abby Normal –You Suck by Christopher Moore.

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If you haven’t read this series yet, you really should. It is a vampire love story unlike any other you have or will ever read. I have read a lot of vampire love stories so I can make this claim honestly. Abby Normal is in the second book of the “A Love Story” trilogy and she is one of the best parts. She is a goth girl that tries way too hard to be dark and twisted. She keeps a diary titled The Chronicles of Abby Normal that is sprinkled throughout the entire book like Edward’s vampire glitter. Here is just two of her excerpts: 

“I was all, “Oh, dog, Countess gonna crack open a forty of whup-ass on you now. Oh, you in the sh*t now, wigga!” (I am not incline to use hip-hop vernacular often, but there are times when, like French, it just better expresses the sentiment of the moment.) -Abby” 

“And he was like “The sedative in the blood, blah, blah, four hours, blah, blah, nerdspeak, geektalk -” -Abby” 


2. Pam – The Southern Vampire Series by Charlaine Harris

I don’t have any quotes from her, but Pam is the most bad-ass chick to ever grace the species of vampire. She wears her dominatrix get up to work in Fangtasia but when she is off work she dresses like a proper lady complete with pastels and pearls. She can work a pink pant suite while beheading the latest annoyance in her life. 


3. Luna Lovegood – Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

What is there not to love about Luna Lovegood? She stands up for what she believes in and is completely true to herself without a second thought as to what others think of her. Odd doesn’t begin to cover Luna, but that is the main reason I love her so much!


4. Finnick O’Dair – Hunger Games by Suzzane Collins

Everyone loves a functioning drunk, am I right? And he is one of the most functioning drunks I’ve heard of, well…sometimes he is. The amount of devotion he has toward helping Peeta and Katniss is heart warming and he fact that he does it while completely hammered is staggering.


5. Iko – The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

She is an android who wants to be human more than anything else in the world. This also means she has to have humanity so she isn’t all cray cray with the mission or anything either. And when she finally gets to look the part, she is the a better human than the real humans. Also, she is a ship’s control system for a while and she blushes, this means the lights dim and the temp of the cab rises. That’s so cute!


Who are your favorite secondary characters?


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