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July Wrap-up


I can’t believe July is already coming to an end. Where did it go? School will be starting up soon, and that probably means my posting will slow a little. I do have classes to keep up with, which means reading…and homework. Lets take a look at the books I read this month and the books I plan to read in August. August people…seriously.  You can click the books I’ve read to see my reviews (except Cress, which I totally forgot to review and will get posted asap).

In the month of July I read:

hexedalias hookcressfiend


I DNFed:

the stars are fallingi town


I just couldn’t get into these. I hate to DNF books, but with book blogging especially there isn’t time to force myself to read a book I don’t like.


I am currently reading:

dark sacrifice cohf Eleanor



In August I plan to read these in addition to what I am already working on:

sulan rootthe feverspellcaster


Maybe a bit ambitious, but I’m hoping to squeeze in some extra reading in the gap between my son starting school and me starting classes. And I know that the July list is a little short, but I was sick or a few days and didn’t read much for about a week.

What will you be reading in the month of August?


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