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DNF: The Stars Are Falling

the stars are fallingI received The Stars Are Falling by Michelle Birbeck as an ARC. I read a little over a quarter of the book, but I didn’t finish the book. This book was one of the worst I’ve read this summer. I had to file it under DNF (Do Not Finish). I don’t believe in forcing myself to finish a book I don’t like unless there is money or grading involved.

Why did I not like this book you ask? Two reasons:

1. The story is based around the idea that stars have fallen from the sky and they are actually people (or aliens that look like people) that enjoy incinerating pesky humans who get in their way, and that is a broad term. Like if a star is walking down the street and you come up to it and try to communicate and it has to stop for you, it will burn you into nothingness immediately.

2. Jenny, the main character, loses her mother to a star early in the book. Like, in the second chapter or so, but she doesn’t really do much in the way of morning.  She, apparently, has been harboring a huge crush on one of her male roommates, and as soon as he shows her any interest, she obsessed with him and thinks of nothing but him. She justifies her blatant disregard for her mother’s death by saying she needs to be strong to figure out what to do to and therefore can’t focus on it, but doesn’t swooning over a hot boy also qualify as a distraction? If you don’t have time to morn your mom’s death, you don’t have time to make out with, debate having sex with, or have googly eyes with your new boyfriend. and if you do, I can’t root for you. I just can’t.

If you want to check the book out, go right ahead. Here is where to find it:


Have you thrown any books into your DNF pile lately?


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