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Snark Week DAY 1: Snark Attack!

snark_week_bannerToday kicks off Snark Week! It is a week long book blogger challenge hosted by Parajunkee. Ever day during this week there is a writing prompt to follow. After writing your post, just simply go to the original post on Parajunkee and link up! Fun! And who doesn’t love to be snarky?

Day 1 Challenge:

  1. Snark Attack! Tell us how you really feel about a particular blogging subject. Let it off your chest. This is your chance to just EXPLODE!


My topic of choice? Long reviews.

As a reader, a book blogger, and a journalism student, I have learned the importance of short and sweet. When I am looking for a review of a book I want to read, I skip over any review that is over 350 – 500. I know that as readers and writers, as most book bloggers are, it is very hard to get your thoughts down under 500 words, almost impossible. Think about it, are your readers really going to stick with you through a 5 page essay? The answer is no. Keep it short and sweet.

Nothing grates me more than to come across a book review that is worthy of a homework assignment. I don’t want to read all of those words about the book people, I want to read the book. Blog tours are especially bad about it. I participate in them so I am guilty too, but they are soooo long! Why have a 3 page tour? They tend to be unnecessarily wordy. I’m sure that the authors ask for certain info to be included in the posts, but keep it short so that potential readers don’t loose interest after a paragraph or two.

Just remember, readers are only going to stay interested for about a paragraph. After that they start to loose interest and may not finished reader your precious words.


What is a blogging subject that peeves you? Lets here it! This is a safe space.



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