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Snark Week DAY 3: You Say Snarknado – I say STFU!

snark_week_bannerSnark Wee is a week long book blogger challenge hosted by Parajunkee. Ever day during this week there is a writing prompt to follow. After writing your post, just simply go to the original post on Parajunkee and link up! Fun! And who doesn’t love to be snarky?

Day 3 Challenge: You Say Snarknado – I say STFU!  Cheesy Tropes, Eye-Roll Inspiring Actions, Words & Phrases that you just wish would stop being used in novels.

There are many guilty phrases, words, and actions that qualify for this snarky list, let’s take a look at them!

Jumping right into the middle of a story, but in the beginning. – This may be a little on the side, but it irritates me when I start reading a book and by page 10 I feel like I am already in the climax of the book. Especially when it seems like the characters are “catching on” a little too quickly. Nobody is THAT smart.

The throbbing member – Come on, there are many better ways to describe that particular part of the male anatomy besides that.

Characters being overly clueless and sensitive about relationship stuff. – Yeah, so what if he doesn’t agree with EVERYTHING you do, GET OVER IT!

Loving the taste of your significant other, and being turned on by the smell of his/her after working in the yard sweatiness. – Who thinks that their partner tastes good? Or that their sweat is appealing? Not this girl…just sayin. There is something called B.O.

The female’s “molten core.” – This is not what I feel at all…

Being sheathed – Not gonna describe this one, but I know it is not about a sword and that is an unfortunate choice of words.

The two main characters being kind of maybe related (as in possibly brother in sister or step-siblings). – I have came across this more times than I would like, and it makes the love story awkward. I can’t fully enjoy the book because I feel wrong.

Insta-love – Ok, not every girl or woman falls in love with a guy within 5 minutes of meeting him, nor does she obsess over how kissable his lips are….annoying.


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