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Snark Week DAY 4: Snark Bite!

snark_week_bannerSnark Wee is a week long book blogger challenge hosted by Parajunkee. Ever day during this week there is a writing prompt to follow. After writing your post, just simply go to the original post on Parajunkee and link up! Fun! And who doesn’t love to be snarky?

Day 4 Challenge: Snark Bite! Be creative – your own snarktastic topic

Insta-love. Love at first site.These things are not that common people! I am kind of tired of every female character in every book falling madly in love with the first male she sees in the first chapter of the book and the rest of the books is about whatever problem needs to be solved and pinning over the guy in question. Sorry for the run on sentence.  Why don’t we have a series in which the girl thinks about her own life and solving her problem first and the guy is not so much of a major player in her life.

When I was single, I will admit that I liked to flirt a lot and had fun with it, but I was not in love with every single guy I ever flirted with. That would have been ridiculous, and exhausting. Also, sometimes when life happens, a girl has to look out for herself and forget about guys for a while…HELLO! Self preservation!


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