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Snark Week DAY 5: Snark Visual

snark_week_bannerSnark Wee is a week long book blogger challenge hosted by Parajunkee. Ever day during this week there is a writing prompt to follow. After writing your post, just simply go to the original post on Parajunkee and link up! Fun! And who doesn’t love to be snarky?

Day 5 Challenge: Snark Visual – Snark isn’t the same without animated gifs – review a book, or post about a snarky topic with the use of animated gifs

Lets take a look at Vampire Diaries shall we?? Here is a brief summary of the books L.J. Smith wrote, in gif form.

So first, there is a love triangle of two hot brothers and a girl (Elena)…the brothers just so happen to be vampires. (Spoiler alert!: They don’t sparkle!) Both brothers pursue Elena and she has to choose…she chooses the good one.




Then she dies and becomes a vampire.



Then she dies and becomes a ghost



But it’s ok! She helps save the world and then comes back as an angel. Oh, and she is mute too…and kind of a dits.



Then she eventually becomes a real girl again.

real boy



But then her boyfriend gets put in jail…in another dimension.





So she and her bestfriend go with the evil brother into said other dimension and pretend to be slaves to save said boyfriend.





Then they come back to our world and fight this weird fox chick and her twin brother…



Then a ghost writer takes over the series and it is supposedly worse, but I’m not sure how that could be possible…I mean, really…



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