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Where did everybody go? go? go?

I’m back! I’ve been pretty quiet for the past two weeks. I even skipped out on Bout of Books *gasp*. Why you ask? Because I needed a break before school started back up, which it now officially has. I am a full time student and a part time stay at home mom. I say part time because I don’t watch him while I am in school because he is in preschool.

Bookality has only been around since April and I wasn’t sure how school would impact my blogging, there are priorities to consider ya know. I think that I might now be able to post as often as I have been. I know I know, calm down. I will probably try to post about two or three times a week, I also will be keeping a second blog for a class I am taking, 2 Cents Worth. Feel free to pop on over and check it out if you want.

While I was on my break I did continue to read and I will be posting the reviews of those books soon. So, fear not my readers, I am back!


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