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Review: Spellcaster

spellcasterSpellcaster by Claudia Gray is a young adult fantasy novel and the first in a series with the same name. The book is about a teenage girl, Nadia, in high school who is a young witch. Her mother, also a witch, left her and her father and little brother, so they packed up and moved to try to start a new life. While settling into her new home and her new life Nadia discovers a powerful mysterious force under the town. She meets two new friends, and together they try to figure out what is wrong with the town they live in.

Gray’s book is an easy read, I would compare it to watching an episode of The Vampire Diaries. It is fun and exciting, but the plot isn’t very deep and meaningful. It’s just one of those books. I like those kinds of books sometimes, like now. I wasn’t looking for a thick, complicated book to make me ponder my life’s meaning, and that isn’t what I found.

Nadia and her friends are interesting characters that all have a conflict unique to them; the mysterious magic effects them all in different ways. There is a little bit of the teen angst romance drama, but it isn’t so much that it gets annoying, bu just enough to frustrate. Also, the bad guy (or girl) is actually kind of awesomely evil, and we only get a taste of her…there is more to come in the sequel.

If you enjoy books along the lines of Hexed and Beautiful Creatures I highly recommend Spellcaster. I give it 4/5 stars.




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