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Braun ThermoScan5


I received a free Braun ThermoScan5 from Influenster for testing and reviewing. My little boy is 4, and let me just say, this is sooooo much easier than using a traditional thermometer. I have always been envious of the thermometers the doctors always have. They are so easy and quick. Just pass over the forehead or put it in the ear and press a button. I have to coax my son into putting a thermometer under his arm for a minute, then I have to remember if I need to add a degree or subtract one. This thermometer is so much easier. Just put it in his ear, press the button, and that’s it! It takes seconds. The only thing I had a trouble with is you have to give it a few seconds to warm up once you put it in the ear before pressing the button. I put it in his ear and pressed the button four different times. The first two were different but the second two were consistent. I assume it is because the reader needs to warm to the temperature of the ear to get an accurate read. However, it takes just about 3 seconds to read, so you are only takes about 5-10 seconds to get an accurate reading, much better than 30 seconds to a minute, and he doesn’t have to lift his shirt or uncover.



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