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4 Reasons Why I Love #YA

One of the hottest topics among the world of books is adults reading YA. Some people (wrong people) think that YA is not for adults and that adults should be ashamed of reading books meant for kids. I can’t say enough how much I disagree with this. I LOVE to read YA books for many reasons, and I am not ashamed in any way and neither should anyone else be who reads YA. Here are the reasons why I love to read YA, illustrated with some gifs.


awkward kissThough some romance scenes in YA can be considered risque, there is a line that they tend to not cross. The awkward terminology, the embarrassing over sharing etc. is something not typically seen in YA novels. I admit that there are some exceptions, but generally I don’t like those over sexed up books that make me so embarrassed to read them that I try to keep my husband from seeing the pages when he walks by me.


adele swear The language! I don’t mind some cussing in the books I read, sometimes it makes the dialogue a bit more realistic. However, when an author of an adult tries to REALLY make the book ADULT the f-bombs and various other cuss words are annoying. I have read some books in which there was so much cussing it seemed to take away from the story. It’s just tacky and uncalled for.


adventrueThere are adventures and amazingly awesome characters in just about every single YA book I have ever read. Even if the book isn’t great, at least I know that there will be a decent plot. It’s like a bad tv drama. If you are bored, at least there is a somewhat decent plot to daze out watching. With adult books that isn’t always true, there is a lot of times when there doesn’t seem to be much of anything happening. This is generally when the awkward romantic scenes are at their worst.


giphy (2)

The fourth reason, while not the last, is my favorite part about reading YA most of the time. Why do we watch weekly television shows? To get lost in them. We want to be taken out of our own lives for a little while and not have to think to hard about what we are watching. For me, YA novels have the same effect. I can read an entire young adult fiction novel and not have to break out the dictionary or scratch my head over a word that isn’t something in the typical English speaker’s vocabulary. I’m not dumb, I promise. It just seems like sometimes adult novel writers use words to make them seem more sophisticated and adult. Just because you include words like indubitably and extemporaneous doesn’t make your book look smarter, it just makes me more bored and not want to read your book.



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