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Review: Secondhand Souls

23460830.jpgTitle: Secondhand Souls

Author: Christopher Moore

Genre: Adult, Paranormal, Comedy

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

I am a fan of Christopher Moore. If you haven’t read any of his work, and you are a responsible adult who can handle some colorful language, I suggest you find one of his books and read it. His writing is laugh out loud funny. I’m talking big belly laughs and chuckles all around.

That being said, Secondhand Souls is a sequel to A Dirty Job, but it isn’t his best work. It chronicles a father and his daughter and their magical adventures through San Francisco. Many interesting characters seem to make their way through an assortment of Moore’s titles. They all seem to be set in the same world and therefore many of the characters can exist in multiple books. My favorite would have to be The Emperor and his trusty dogs, who is actually a homeless man who has two dogs. Or the token foul mouthed goth working at a suicide hotline.

This book  is not as action packed as its prequel and seems to just be filler, but it’s hilarious filler, plus it is weird. I won’t give away the weirdness because I can’t without containing many many spoilers, but trust me. It’s weird. The entire book promises a big battle with the current big bad, and it does happen, but not until the very end. Therefore you are left with a book full of climax and not much action, just a lot of weirdness. Many problems are sorted out and there are some side stories going on that eventually tie in at the end as well, but all felt a little aimless until the end.

Basically, the ending is great, but the rest of the book just lags until then.

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