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Throwback Thursday: Grave Secret

grave secretCharlaine Harris is best known for her Sookie Stackhouse Series (or Southern Vampire Series, or True Bood Series) but she is also the author of several other series, most of which are mystery series. One of those series is the Harper Connelly Mystery Series, the first titled Grave Secret. It is about a sister and brother (well step brother) duo that travel the country giving grave readings. See, Harper, the sister, was struck by lighting as a teenager and has been able to since dead bodies and see the last few seconds of a person’s death ever since.

I would give this series a 4 out of 5 stars, not epic but good. The only bad part about the books is the strange relationship between the main two characters, Harper and Tolliver, who are also step siblings. Other than that there is a mystery in each book of the series that the duo seems to keep finding their way into. They don’t want to solve murders, but I guess that would sometimes come with the job. Also, Harper’s sister disappeared when she was a teenager and her body was never found nor was a captor ever arrested. They also have two other siblings they try to spread love to that are taken care of by their Aunt and Uncle, both of their parents were junkies.

I recommend the Harper Connelly Series if you enjoy murder mysteries. And keep in mind there is a bit of romance happening in the series too. I’d give it an R rating for content.




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